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Ancient Lakes Magnesium Spray

Ancient Lakes Magnesium Spray
Ancient Lakes Magnesium Spray
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Ancient Lakes Magnesium Spray a topical version of the ionic bitterns.  The Magnesium spray is a fabulous natural source of Magnesium from Lake Deborah in Western Australia. The salt from the lake is sun dried so much of the sodium separates from the mix. What you are left with is high levels of Magnesium with many trace minerals.

The topical spray is an excellent way of targeting the magnesium to a specific area. If you suffer from leg cramps at night, then spray the Magnesium on the specific area you tend to cramp. If you've been working hard breaking rocks, then spray the Magnesium on your shoulders to help relax your shoulders! If you've just run a 10k (well done) then spray the Liquid Magnesium on your legs. 

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