Chia Bia - Blueberry Mix

This natural Blueberry & Chia mix gives you added antioxidants along with the goodness of chia.

Chia bia brings together two super foods where nutraceuticals meets nature in this Blueberry & Chia mix.


  • The Low Bush Blueberry or Wild Blueberry from Newfoundland is free of pesticides
  • Rich in natural pigment anti-oxidant, proanthocyanidins.
  • These blue-purple berries have long been attributed to the longevity and wellness of indigenous natives around arctic regions of Northern hemisphere.

92% Natural whole raw Chia ( Salvia hispanica L) Seed
8% Pure blueberry powder
A 13g serving of this powder is equivalent to 13g wild Newfoundland berries plus 2,312mg ALA omega 3, Fibre and an abundance of antioxidants.

Daily intake should be no more than 15g
This blueberry & chia mix is delicious in smoothies / porridge, baking and lots more…

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Chia Bia - Blueberry Mix

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