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Kundalini Yoga New

Kundalini Yoga

KUNDALINI YOGA in Athy Thursdays 10-11.30am Kundalini yoga is an inner yoga, it is the yoga of ..


Mindfulness and Relaxation New

Mindfulness and Relaxation

Live a happier and less stressful lifeMindfulness can help us to recognise and step away from habitu..


Pilates -Tuesday & Saturday

Pilates Classes in AthyClasses start again on 12th September 2017.  Pilates is targeted to..


Saturday Yoga in Athy

Yoga with Adela on Saturday. 9-10am The type of yoga Adela does at Healthy Living is Hatha yoga..


Tai Chi

Tai Chi Class at Healthy Living is led by Yuki KobayashiThis Class takes place on Fridays at 10am.&n..


Yoga (Monday night)

Yoga with Mark. Classes start 5th February 2018 I really like Mark's class. It's accessible to ..


Yoga (Thursday Night) New

Yoga (Thursday Night)

What is Yoga?New to yoga? We've got answers for you. These 10 common questions for yoga beginners ..


Yoga (Wednesday)

Classes start Wednesday 13th September 2017.Yoga with Adela on Wednesdays. The type of yoga Ade..