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Brand: Biocare
Nutrisorb Chromium is a very bio-available yeast-free, liquid form of chromium providing 220mcg elemental chromium in a purified water base. Chromium helps to contribute to the maintenance of normal c levels and to macronutrient metabolism.Benefits: Liquid form provides a readily absorbable sou..
Maitake mushrooms taste lovely and can be added to almost any dish. If you are considering using our (or any other) Maitake supplement we do recommend you consult with your GP or health care adviser. There is a lack of clinical trials out there on Maitake but they continue to be recommended by ..
Description This is our standard Koyu Organic Matcha green tea. Smells great, tastes great and the real benefit of taking the tea is the sustained energy you get from Matcha. The Samurai warriors used to drink this tea before going into battle to help focus their mind and boost their energy levels...
Cinnachrome combines chromium picolinate and Cinnulin PF, a concentrated extract of cinnamon.  This product is suitable for those following a low GL diet.Benefits:Niacin (vitamin B3) is an essential nutrient used by the body to release energy from carbohydrates. Chromium picolinate..
Brand: Pharmanord
Chromium is an essential mineral that is needed to our body. It contributes to normal metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins. Chromium supports in maintaining normal blood sugar levels as well. The chromium used in Chromium Pharma Nord is organically bound, that means, it is bound ..
Brand: Pharmanord
Q10 (CoQ10) from Pharma Nord was one of the first CoQ10 products on the market. Coenzyme Q10 levels decrease with age and/or illness.Benefits:20 years of consumer experience on safety and efficacy.Unique formula with documented high bioavailability. The 100mg version may be beneficial fo..
Brand: Salus
Salus Stinging Nettle Plant Juice contains the juice from freshly harvested pressings of young stinging nettles. Since ancient times the blood-cleansing stinging nettle has been traditionally used as a metabolic stimulant and diuretic.Absorbed more efficiently by the body than capsules or tabletsA r..
Description 100% organic Japanese powdered green tea leaves. Benefits Koyu Organic Japanese Matcha tea gives an energy boost for 3-6 hours without the negative side effects. Matcha allows you to control your cravings by stabilizing blood sugar and glucose levels in you..
The Low-GL Diet Cookbook is perfect for everyone who wants to lose weight quickly yet still enjoy great-tasting food. It features a range of recipes that do not raise your blood sugar quickly and hence have a low glycemic load, or GL. Based on the latest research, top nutritionist Patrick Holford ex..
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