Flor Essence-Tea

A detoxifying blend of eight herbs which was originally developed by Rene Caisse and is known to many under the generic name of “essiac”.
Our bodies accumulate toxins from many sources — the foods we eat the air we breathe and the water we drink.  Even the stress in our daily lives will contribute to the toxicity.  Our bodies and particularly our liver, have to deal with this toxic overload.
Think of the body as a finely tuned machine; if we do not feed it with the proper fuel it will under-perform. If we do not maintain the vehicle, it will break down.  Toxic overload will lead to lack of energy, weight gain, bloating, cellulite, skin problems, PMS, premature aging and all of this leads toward increased possibility of more long term complaints.


  • Red Clover  and  Burdock Root are blood purifiers which facilitate the elimination of waste and toxins through the skin, kidneys and bowels;
  • Blessed Thistle and Turkish Rhubarb increase the flow of gastric juices, aiding digestion and liver function;
  • Slippery Elm is renowned for its soothing properties, particularly in the digestive tract;
  • Kelp is a great source of iodine, which helps in the regulation of weight and energy levels;
  • Sheep Sorrel provides strong immune support and is a good source of Vitamin C;
  • Watercress is a rich source of chlorophyll,
  • Vitamins A and C and has been used throughout the ages to detoxify and restore vitality.

Liquid: Filtered Water, Burdock Root*, Sheep Sorrel*, Slippery Elm Bark, Turkish Rhubarb Root*, Red Clover*, Blessed Thistle Herb*, Kelp*,Watercress and Citric Acid.

Dry Blend: Burdock root*, Sheep Sorrel*, Slippery Elm Bark*, Turkish Rhubarb Root*, Red Clover*, Blessed Thistle Herb*, Kelp*, Watercress.*certified organic

(to be taken with un-chlorinated water)
For maintenance or detoxing take 50-60mls (5 dessertspoonfuls) with un-chlorinated hot water daily on an empty stomach.
For cleansing take 60mls twice daily, preferably before breakfast and at bedtime, as the best cleansing occurs during sleep.

Not recommended for use:
During pregnancy or breast feeding.
While taking prescribed heart medication.
If hypersensitive to iodine.
After having an organ transplant.
For children under 6 months old.
If on kidney dialysis (unless doctor approves).
Keep out of reach of children.
Always check with your GP if taking medication.

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Flor Essence-Tea

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