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 In our shop we are lucky that we can recommend an array of treatments which are at our disposal along with dietary advice. The nice thing about working in this industry is you are looking at the person as a whole.

Prevention is better than cure
Healthy eating with a mixture of quality proteins and good fats are essential (no pun intended). As our foods these days tend to be nutritionally deficient, taking a good multivitamin like pukka vitalise is often a good idea. There are so many options out there these days it can be confusing knowing which multi vitamins are good and which are bad. For a comprehensive list of our quality multi vitamins click here.

What vitamins are best for you?

Unfortunately, sometimes things sneak up on us and before you know it BOOM your down with flu. Search through the remedies below, remember there is NO substitute for a medical professional. If you have an existing health issue, serious or long term illness make sure to see a health care professional. 

Now we are offering you  wide range solutions from Vitamin A to Zinc you will find what you need at, simply refine your Health Solution search below:

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Ancient Lakes C+ Salts New

Ancient Lakes C+ Salts

Ancient Lakes C+ Salts. All we can say is WOW! This is an amazing product. I have personally tested ..


Ancient Lakes Magnesium Spray New

Ancient Lakes Magnesium Spray

Ancient Lakes Magnesium Spray a topical version of the ionic bitterns.  The Magnesium spra..


Biocare IntraFresh

IntraFresh (vaginal pessary) is a unique women's formulation containing Lactobacillus acidophilus wh..


CherryActive® Concentrate

Tart cherries, specifically the Montmorency variety, are packed with high levels of antioxidants com..


Macanta L-Lysine New

Macanta L-Lysine

Macanta do it again ! Using no fillers or binders and 1000mg of L-Lysine Monohydrochloride per two c..


Macanta L-Theanine and L-Ornithine Complex New

Macanta L-Theanine and L-Ornithine Complex

This product is one of our best sellers in store. We find customers loove it to help with sleep, str..


Macanta Magnesium New

Macanta Magnesium

This is just another Magnesium! Wait, no it's not. The Macanta Magnesium comes in a very absorb..


Pre-Conceive 2 - 3 Days


This is a top of the range Multi vitamin which is designed as a blend of nutrients which all have be..


Revive Active

Revive Active is a premium product with a powerful formulation of 22 active ingredients that wi..


Revive Active Joint Complex

The key ingredients in Revive Active’s Joint Complex product provide a unique combination of Co..


Terra Nova Beetroot Juice, Cordyceps & Reishi Pre-Workout

Super blend - a powerfully active and intensely synergistic pre-workout formulation. Featuring fr..