How the digestive system works?

We eat food, but our digestive system doesn’t absorb food, it absorbs nutrients.  Food has to be broken down from things like steak and broccoli into its nutrient pieces: amino acids (from proteins), fatty acids and cholesterol (from fats), and simple sugars (from carbohydrates), as well as minerals, vitamins and a variety of other plant and animal compounds. Digestive enzymes, primarily produced in the pancreas and small intestine, break down our food into nutrients so that our bodies can absorb them.

Six symptoms that suggest you might have problems with your digestive system

  1. Gas and bloating after meals
  1. The feeling that you have food sitting in your stomach
  1. Feeling full after eating a small bit of food
  1. Undigested food in your stool
  1. Floating stools (an occasional floating piece is fine, but if all your poop consistently floats, that might be a sign something is wrong)
  1. An “oil slick” in the toilet bowl (undigested fat)

So what can I do about it?

Theoretically, we should be able to digest just about any type of food we put in our mouth.  But changes in food processing and preparation (like fried foods and processed foods) mean our stomachs don't always react well to everything we eat. We may not have enough enzymes in our system to help digest our foods.

What is a Digestive enzyme?

If we don’t have enough digestive enzymes, we can’t break down our food—which means even though we’re eating well, we aren’t absorbing all that good nutrition.

The good news is that since digestive enzymes are very safe and reasonably cheap, you can always try them and see if you notice any difference in your digestion.

There are a variety of digestive enzymes on the market, including single enzyme and multiple enzymes. Check our offers below:

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Biocare Eradicidin Forte

A unique combination of garlic, oregano, cinnamon and clove in a time release tablet.  Oregano ..


Biocare HCI & Pepsin

HCL & Pepsin is a combination of betaine hydrochloride and pepsin encapsulated allowing for quic..


Biocare HepaGuard Forte

Is a unique formulation including choline bitartrate, inositol, sodium sulphate, artichoke extract..


Biocare Mindlinx®

Mindlinx is a high potency live bacteria supplement with added glutamine particularly useful for chi..


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Biocare Quercetin Plus SOLD OUT

Biocare Quercetin Plus

Quercetin Plus combines the nutrients quercetin, bromelain and vitamin C. This useful formulation a..


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This product imaginatively called “Spectrumzyme” is a broad spectrum enzyme complex which includes b..


Biocare Vitasorb B

Vitasorb B is a highly absorbable liquid B vitamin preparation ideal for individuals with digestive ..


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Chia & Cranberry Mix

Chia Bia brings together two superfoods where nutraceuticals meets nature in this Cranberry & Ch..


Chia Bia - Blueberry Mix

This natural Blueberry & Chia mix gives you added antioxidants along with the goodness of chia. ..


Flor Essence-Tea

A detoxifying blend of eight herbs which was originally developed by Rene Caisse and is known to man..


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Patrick Holford 9 Day Detox Pack

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Quest Vitamin B12

The Vitamin B12 is required for the synthesis of haemoglobin, the oxygen carrying pigment in red b..


Quest Acidophilus Plus

Contains beneficial bacteria that occur naturally in the human gut.  Probiotic bacteria re..


Quest Coenzyme Q10 30mg

Coenzyme Q10 is a lipid-type structure with vitamin-like activity. Various types of coenzyme species..


Quest Enzyme Digest

Provides enzymes for the digestion of the major dietary components – fats, proteins and carbohydrate..


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Terra Nova Artichoke Leaf (Fresh Freeze Dried - Organic) 250mg

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Manuka Honey has a unique flavour that is loved by New Zealanders and more and more  people wor..