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In 1988, Bernadette Bohan won a battle against cancer. But when she became pregnant seven years later, a doctor told her that it was likely to trigger a return of the disease. She didn t hesitate and gave birth to the child she had longed for. However, her fight wasn t over. Five years later the can..
Inspirational cancer survivor and seminar speaker, Bernadette Bohan, whose memoir, The Choice, was a Top 5 bestseller in Ireland, introduces her long-awaited recipe book and 4-point plan to help you turn around your health and fight disease the natural way.Bernadette Bohan, an ordinary wife and ..
Brand: Biocare
Are you lately experiencing :Some stress Tiredness Fatigue PMS or menopause for ladiesthen check a B vitamin complex, because B vitamins:Benefits: B Vitamins have many uses including contributing to the release of energy from foods, supporting the healthy function of the nerv..
Brand: Biocare
Vitasorb B is a highly absorbable liquid B vitamin preparation ideal for individuals with digestive and absorption difficulties.Benefits: Provides liquid B vitamins with a high absorption rate. This remedy is ideal for those who have difficulty swallowing capsules and tablets and for individual..
Osteoporosis is a worldwide epidemic. You might not even know you've got it until you fracture a bone. But it doesn't need to happen to you - osteoporosis is treatable and preventable, and this book will show you how. Find out why there aren't any symptoms, how to tell if you've got it, how to avoid..
Maxi Multi provides all the vitamins plus 10 essential minerals, selected and produced to Higher Nature’s high standards of quality ingredients and minimal excipients.  This is one of very few multivitamin's with no iron.  Benefits:Great for men and post menopausal wome..
Higher Nature True Food Super Potency Soyagen
Fully activated, organic, whole Soya isoflavones Most Soya supplements offer 35-40mg isoflavones, but these are not active. The Japanese only eat fermented Soya foods, a process which activates the isoflavones. Soyagen® offers a high concentration of fully activated isoflavones because it has been ..
This book advocates a commonsense, alternative medicine approach to menopause problem like:Brittle bones Hot flushes Mood swings and other symptoms of the menopause. ....
Brand: NHP
A special organic food supplement for women during the menopause.Benefits:This product contains Organic herbs.    A number of phytoestrogens are in the supplement including soya, red clover, hops, sage, alfafa and flaxseeds. The organic soya is fermented to make ..
Brand: NHP
Supplement for women to support them at this life changing moment. Benefits:Contains all of the key vitamins and minerals for women.It also contains appropriate levels of antioxidants, B vitamins, calcium and digestive enzymes in order to achieve maximum absorption and best help during the menopaus..
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