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Ancient Lakes C+ Salts

Ancient Lakes C+ Salts. All we can say is WOW! This is an amazing product. I have personally tested ..


Ancient Lakes Magnesium Spray

Ancient Lakes Magnesium Spray a topical version of the ionic bitterns.  The Magnesium spra..


Biocare Adult Multivitamins & Minerals

Special multivitamin supplement designed with great absorbtion levels for people with intolerances..


BioCare Magnesium Malate

Food supplement designed to support your energy and muscle function.Benefits: Magnesium is re..


CherryActive® Concentrate

Tart cherries, specifically the Montmorency variety, are packed with high levels of antioxidants com..


Comvita Olive Leaf Complex Caps

Comvita Olive Leaf Extract Capsules contain Olive Leaf Extract made from fresh olive leaves, grown ..


Eskimo Advanced

Eskimo-3 Advanced EPA with Vitamin D3 is Eskimos newest supplement! Each capsule contains an impress..


Gravity Life

The guys at GRAVITY set out to build a product that can be used by everyone; runners, swimmers, wal..


Macanta L-Theanine and L-Ornithine Complex

This product is one of our best sellers in store. We find customers loove it to help with sleep, str..


Macanta Magnesium

This is just another Magnesium! Wait, no it's not. The Macanta Magnesium comes in a very absorb..


One Nutrition Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa) New

One Nutrition Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa)

BlackSeed Oil also known as Nigella Seed Oil or Blessed Seed Oil has been used as a food for over tw..


Optima "Colax" Colon Cleanse Tablets

This unique combination provides all the recognised properties of fully certified and organic Aloe V..


Optima Acai Super Fruit Juice

“Superfood” enriched with OXY3™.  Açaí berries come from palm trees that are indigenous to the ..


Optima ActiveJuice Cherry Flavour w/Chondroitin/MSM

 A great combination of a natural source of antioxidants, with glucosamine, chondroitin, ..


Patrick Holford Brain Food

Brain Food is a unique blend of B vitamins that contribute to normal psychological function along wi..


Patrick Holford Glucosamine Support

 For healthy joints and bones Benefits:Combination of glucosamine, MSM,..


Patrick Holford Mood Food SOLD OUT

Patrick Holford Mood Food

This supplement is designed to help support the ‘feel good’ brain chemicals by combining nutrients w..


Patrick Holford Optimum Nutrition Formula

This is one of the things Patrick Holford takes everyday.Benefits: A potent daily supplement of..


Pharmanord D Pearls 38

Vitamin D3 in cold pressed olive oil for teeth, bones and muscles in form of small pearls with 38 µ..


Pharmanord Jointcare Tablets

Healthy joints and cartilage plays important role in our lives, the better their function, the ea..


Pharmanord Magnesium Tablets

A complex of three different magnesium salts. Each tablet provides you with 200 mg of pure magnes..


Pharmanord Omega 3 Capsules

Omega 3 is a good for heart, brain, and eyesight support. Benefits:EPA an..


Pharmanord Q10 30mg Capsules

CoQ10 is a vitamin-like substance, which help support your heart, kidney, liver and lungs. Q10 i..


Pharmanord Selenium & Zinc Tablets

Selenium plus Zinc is an antioxidant complex.  It contains pure, organic selenium and zinc pl..


Pukka After Dinner Caps

This product is 100% organic, ethically sourced and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.Benefits..


Pukka Aloe Vera Juice

Pukka Aloe Vera juice is made from 100% organic Aloe Vera Barbadensis and certified by the Soil ..


Pukka Wholistic Red Ginseng

Wholistic Red Ginseng is a powerful blend of organic panax ginseng and Nutrigest TM (seaweed, spiru..


Quest Vitamin B12

The Vitamin B12 is required for the synthesis of haemoglobin, the oxygen carrying pigment in red b..


Quest Cell-Life Protective Nutrients

Provides optimum levels of nutrients needed for immune system support.Benefits:Vitamins A..


Quest Coenzyme Q10 30mg

Coenzyme Q10 is a lipid-type structure with vitamin-like activity. Various types of coenzyme species..


Quest Enzyme Digest

Provides enzymes for the digestion of the major dietary components – fats, proteins and carbohydrate..


Quest Kyolic Garlic 1000

 Garlic is traditionally used for its anti-fungal properties, but also has anti-bacterial a..


Quest Vitamin C 1000mg Timed Release

Vitamin C is needed for the synthesis of collagen, the main structural component of skin, and the st..


Quest Vitamin E 400iu

Is a powerful fat-soluble antioxidant nutrient that plays a role in helping to maintain cardiovasc..


Revive Active

Revive Active is a premium product with a powerful formulation of 22 active ingredients that wi..


Revive Active Mastermind

Revive Active Mastermind - all amazing active ingredients combined in one little and tasty sachet...


Terra Nova Astragalus, Elderberry and Garlic Complex

This complex is combined to support immune system and maintain health.  Each Terranova nutr..


Terra Nova B Complex W/Vitamin C Veg Caps

We love the Terra Nova range because their ingredients are both scientifically proven but also for..


Terra Nova Beauty Complex SKIN HAIR NAILS Veg Caps

All in one! A bunch of vitamins, minerals, omegas and more goodies for beautiful and healthy skin,..


Terra Nova Beetroot Juice, Cordyceps & Reishi Pre-Workout

Super blend - a powerfully active and intensely synergistic pre-workout formulation. Featuring fr..


Terra Nova Bilberry, Lutein and Astaxanthin Complex

Supplement for eyes. Contains five powerful herbal ingredients that provide essential nutrition,..


Terra Nova Cordyceps 500mg

Numerous research studies have investigated the potential value of cordyceps in a remarkable arra..


Terra Nova Cordyceps, Rhodiola & Ginseng Super-Blend

Super blend for super health! Benefits: Cordyceps - has historically been used for its adaptog..


Terra Nova Cranberry 300mg

Cranberry is often referred as a “super food” and is best known for its potential role in maintain..


Terra Nova Elderberry & Olive Leaf Super-Blend

This Super - Blend is designed to help support a healthy immune system. It contains elderberry fr..


Terra Nova Full Spectrum Multivitamin Complex Veg Caps

Full spectrum multivitamin complex for maintaining your good health and energy, created from sup..


Terra Nova Garlic 500mg

Mainly we use garlic in cooking, but in some countries it is one of the most important ingredients ..


Terra Nova Green pH Alkaline Super-Blend

Benefits: Dandelion Leaf - one of nature’s most nourishing plants, dandelion provides an array..


Terra Nova Green Purity Super Blend

Benefits: Dandelion Leaf - one of nature’s most nourishing plants, dandelion provides an array o..


Terra Nova Holy Basil - Tulsi (Fresh Freeze Dried) 400mg

Holy Basil, fresh freeze dried botanicals for emotional support, in capsule form.Benefits: ..


Terra Nova Life Drink (Unflavoured) 20% OFF (While Stocks Last) -20%

Terra Nova Life Drink (Unflavoured) 20% OFF (While Stocks Last)

20% OFF While Stocks Last A super nutritional way to begin your day!  A food supplement po..

€31.75 €25.40

Terra Nova Life Drink Single Serving Sachet Pack

Deeply nourishing, with a huge variety of health-promoting ingredients, offering your body everyt..


Terra Nova Living Wellbeing Super-Blend

Superfoods super-blend full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre, important enzymes and mor..


Terra Nova Nettle Root, Lycopene & Zinc Complex

Prostate support complex that helps support and maintain healthy prostate function, hormonal bala..


Terra Nova Probiotic Complex w/Prebiotics Veg Caps

Probiotic with prebiotics complex combined from the wisdom of nature to help support immune funct..


Terra Nova Quecertin Nettle Complex

This complex created to help support healthy inflammatory response to allergens, especially in th..


Terra Nova Rhodiola 300mg

For healthy mental and nervous system function support.Benefits: Rhodiola has significa..


Terra Nova Tart Cherry, Nettle & Tumeric Super Blend

This super blend full of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients may help maintain inflammatory ..


Terra Nova Vitamin C 250mg Complex Veg Caps

The wisdom of nature helped to create this natural Vitamin C complex.Benefits: Stabilis..


Terra Nova Vitamin D 1000iu Complex (Vegan Source)

Magnifood enhanced with highly active, whole and unadulterated superfoods and botanicals in capsu..


Terra Nova Vitamin D 2000iu Complex (Vegan Source)

So called sun vitamin, Magnifood enhanced with highly active, whole and unadulterated superfoods ..


Terra Nova Zinc 15mg Complex Veg Caps

Zinc complex combined from natural sources.Benefits: Stabilised Rice Bran (SRB) in add..


Vogel Ivy Thyme Complex

This unique combination of herbs is one of Alfred Vogel’s original remedies. Ivy, thyme and liqu..


BeetActive® Concentrate

100% premium quality beetroot concentrate.  BeetActive Concentrate is chosen by health-consciou..