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Immune System

Brand: NHP
If you have had to take antibiotics or are on the Pill or HRT then it is useful to recolonise your digestive system with good bacteria.  Beneficial bacteria can also become depleted when you are under stress. Benefits:In their most bio-available form to aid absorption.No fillers or binders used..
NHP D-Tox Support
Brand: NHP
Our environment is full of toxins and pollutants. Today we can find them everywhere: air, water,  food, drinks, cosmetics, clothes, toys and more.  In the long run it can take a toll on your body, but you can benefit from a helping hand to get rid of these toxins and it doesn’t matter what..
Brand: NHP
This special formulated supplement is for those who want extra support in managing a busy lifestyle in today’s stressful world.  All the nutrients are aimed at helping you cope both mentally and physically with the stresses and strains of everyday life. Benefits:Minerals like magnesium are incl..
Brand: NHP
NHP Vitamin C Support is easily assimilated by the body and allows for maximum absorption and effectiveness.Benefits: Vitamin C formulated by Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD - the UK's leading nutritionist specilaising in women's health - in association with the Natural Health Practice. Made from mag..
One Nutrition Q10-MAX
2 - 3 Days
> Energy boosting> Highly recommended for those taking statins drugs> High strength 150mg Co Enzyme Q10 per capsule Q10-MAX combines the vitamin-like substance c-enzyme 10 with vitamin B1 to naturally support heart health. We know that Q10 levels deplete as we age ..
Live cultures food supplementBifidobacterium lactis BB-12® is thought to be the world's most researched strain of the entire Bifodobacteria family. This also contains Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) making it naturally high in fibre. OptiBac Probiotics Bifodobacteria & fibre is a great choice ..
Live cultures & Vitamin C food supplementVitamin C contributes to the normal function of your immune system and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. This OptiBac Probiotics supplement also contains L. paracasei CASEI 431® which has been proven to survive well in stomach acid, and test..
In our shop - this would be one of our best sellers! It's an all rounder probiotic. It may only have 5 billion (I know, only 5 billion right)  but it contains 6 strains and FOS which is a type of PRE-Biotic. In other words, it helps the good bacteria adapt to your gut that little bit easier.&nb..
Live cultures food supplementThis advanced daily supplement from OptiBac Probiotic contains high quality natural bacteria such as Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM® - the most researched strain of acidophilus in the world.Benefits:Contains high quality, high strength natural bacteria.Each capsule ..
Live cultures food supplementThis advanced supplement from OptiBac combines quality and quantity with three strains of live cultures, proven to reach the gut alive. Includes Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM® - thought to be one of the most researched strains of acidophilus in the world.Benefits:E..
Live cultures food supplementThese two high quality strains from OptiBac Probiotics, Lactobacilus rhamnosus Rosell-11 and Lactobacillus acidophilus Rosell-52, have been scientifically proven to reach the gut alive, even during a course of antibiotics.Benefits:Live cultures and natural bacteriaVegeta..
What's it for?To be taken prior to and during travels abroad to maintain immunity and help support a healthy digestive system.Who's it for?For travellers seeking advanced probiotic support for digestion and immunity in foreign environments such as India, Mexico and Thailand.Benefits:Each capsule pro..
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