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Irish Botanica Throat Spray

Irish Botanica Throat Spray
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Irish Botanica Throat Spray
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Includes lubricating botanical extracts: marshmallow root, osha root, sage leaf and liquorice blend, which all help soothe irritated throat. 


  • Protects throat from infections
  • Soothes sore throat because it works like a mild anaestetic
  • Irish Botanica is an Irish brand whose products are ethically sourced and produced
  • Convenient size so you can always carry it around with you
  • Perfect for those who use their voices regularly, e.g. public speakers, singers


Vegetable glycerine; Marshmallow; Sage Leaf; Fenugreek; Liquorice Root; Meadowsweet ; Plantain ; Osha Root; Cinnamon oil


3-6 sprays into the mouth, use up to six times daily. 

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