Baby Skin Care

Baby Skin
Your baby’s skin is so thin and fragile, so it is very important to choose right products from day one.  Do you know that, the secondary benefit to skin care products is supporting touch between you and your baby?  Take your time to massage your little one’s body as you apply nourishing creams.  You and baby will love this special time together.

What are natural baby creams?
Organic baby care and natural skin care products are safe and effective products for your little one and new mammy.  With many different ranges and products on the market consisting of washes, soaps, lotions, diaper creams and more it is important that baby products are always sulphate, paraben, phthalate, and petrochemical free.

What is the difference between cream and lotions?
Creams and lotions are both moisturizers and work to keep your baby skin feeling soft and smooth, they are slightly different, and one may be better than the other for certain skin types.

All moisturizing skin care products have the same goal, to keep moisture, or water, in the outermost layer of your baby’s skin.  They both can be oil-based or water-based.  If they're oil-based, it means that they're an emulsion, or mixture, of water into oil.  If they're water-based, they're an emulsion of oil into water.

What are benefits of natural skin products for baby?
Moisturizing is very important when living in air-conditioned or heated homes or in windy, cold environments;
Rehydrate your baby’s skin to keeping it soft and healthy;

What if I use non natural products on my baby?
Some synthetic ingredients are found in over the counter baby products. These products can sometimes cause instant reactions but usually there are no immediate visible signs of toxicity. Over time and through repeated use the toxins can build up in the system. Some of these can lead to rashes, respiratory distress, and even long-term health consequences.

Diaper rash
Most babies end up with a diaper rash at least once before their diaper days are through. There are plenty of options for ointments, lotions and creams to treat diaper rash.

What creams might be good for my baby?
There is such a wide variety of natural baby care products on the market.  A selection of which can be found below.


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Burts Bees Baby Bee Multi-Purpose Ointment

Moisture-rich and oh-so nourishing, it leaves baby’s skin feeling soft, supple and oh-so snuggable. ..


Burts Bees Baby Original Lotion

 Original lotion now provides scientifically-proven moisturisation up to 24 hours to keep you..


Burts Bees Diaper Ointment

Formulated with Almond Oil and Sunflower Oil, this diaper ointment will leave your baby’s skin fee..


Jason Earths Best Diaper Relief Ointment

This hypo-allergenic, fragrance free ointment provides a moisture barrier between babys skin and..


Nature Babycare ECO Baby Wipes

For your baby's wellbeing, these wipes have a durable cloth-like feel without excessive moisture t..