Childrens vitamins

What vitamin is for your child?
Whether your child has a tummy ache, a stuffy nose, or a bug bite, sometimes a home remedy is often the best way to help him feel better fast. These time-tested treatments rarely have side effects, cost next to nothing, and use items you probably already have on hand.

Take a remedy or a trip to the doctors?
As a parent, when our children get sick, one of the first things we want to do is to run to the doctor, some people start dosing their children with everything in the medicine cabinet; needless to say ether of the two alternatives is the correct one.
Even physicians agree lately that prescribing antibiotics and other drugs is not recommended for children; however doctors sometime feel pressure by the parents to prescribe something even though they know that the condition will disappear after a few days without drug intervention.

Synthetic or natural?
Most ailments that affect children can be treated with over the counter medicine but many professionals are questioning the long term effects of giving synthetic drugs to a child since a very early age. Besides if the condition is treatable with over the counter drugs, no doubt herbs can do a better job and by using herbs you get peace of mind knowing that the problem is being taking care of, and that you are boosting his or her immune system without harming your child.

Are you ready for the chase?
But lets face it, children will run away every time they need to take a medicine made of herbs, and soon you find yourself running around the table trying to catch the patient. There is a better way, try talking to your child before producing the medicine, explaining how good it will make them feel. You can pretend to take it yourself. Learn what ‘tricks’ work for your child as every child reacts differently.

What Vitamins for your kids?
There are many vitamins suitable for your kids health. We have chosen a selection for you to look at below.

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Biocare BioMulsion D 1000iu

Provides Children with a high potency vitamin D3 in a delicious, natural lemon flavoured liquid an..


Biocare BioMulsion OmegaBerry 2 - 3 Days

Biocare BioMulsion OmegaBerry

Is an emulsified fish oil with yummy tropical fruit & berry concentrates, making it very well ..


Biocare Children's Banana Bio Acidophilus

This probiotic powder is very well suited to children from 6 months old right up to the elderly..


Biocare Children's Mindlinx Multinutrient

This Children's Mindlinx mix is a high potency live bacteria supplement with added glutamine particu..


Biocare Children's Strawberry Bio Acidophilus

This probiotic powder is ideally suited to children from 6 months old and the elderly or even&n..


Biocare Childrens Complete Complex

Children's Complete Complex is a “broad” vitamin and mineral formula for children in a lovely tastin..


Biocare Childrens Elderberry Complex

This delicious fruity liquid has been designed for children and it can be used in drinks or mixed ..


Biocare Mindlinx®

Mindlinx is a high potency live bacteria supplement with added glutamine particularly useful for chi..


Comvita Childrens Herbal Propolis Elixir

Comvita Childrens Propolis Herbal Elixir is an original Comvita formulation combining Active UMF 10+..


Pharmanord D Pearls Junior

Vitamin D is very important for normal growth and development of bones, teeth and muscle in child..


Pukka Elderberry Syrup

Special offer for this month only!Buy Pukka Elderberry Syrup & receive Free Elderberry & Ech..


Salus Fruity Kindervital Liquid Formula

Delicious food supplement for children.   Floradix Kindervital fruity provide vital calciu..


Salus Kindervital Liquid Formula

A specially-balanced and scrummy multivitamin and mineral is tailored to meet the needs of growing k..


Terra Nova Green Child Friendly Microflora

Probiotic for children which contains approximately 1.5 billion good bacteria per capsule. Formula..


Terra Nova Green Child Living Multivitamin

A superfoods and botanicals gentle combination of vitamin and mineral complex for children ages 4..


Terra Nova Green Child Sneaky Green Super-Shake (45 servings)

Super- shake is a mixture of whole raw vegetables and fruits that retain their nutrients. While e..


Udo's Choice Children's Blend

Eight strains of healthy bacteria, designed specifically to reflect healthy childhood m..


Udo's Choice Infant Blend

Seven strains of bacteria at an appropriate strength, designed specifically to reflect healt..


Eskimo Kids Tutti Fruti

Pure natural Omega-3, Omega-6 + Omega-9, Vitamins D & E in Tutti-Frutti taste- simply loved by..


Eskimo Kids Orange

This unique formula combines stable fish oil with omega-3, omega 6, omega-9, vitamin D and vitamin E..