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Mum Skin Care

Brand: Baressential
This locally made Body Oil and Soap Collection is a really thoughtful present for the one you love. Even the box this gift comes in is made from storm fallen wood, put together in the Baressential workshop in Athy, County Kildare. ..
Brand: Baressential
Quality Soaps never go out of fashion, and the soaps made from Baressential are the best quality money can buy. Made here in Athy, County Kildare, Kate Park and her teamuse the best combinations of plant oils, herbs, spices and mineral pigments in making their soaps. They combine pure essential..
Brand: Burt's Bees
For a playful bath-time and to gently cleanse you baby's skin. Make bath-time a fun time with this bubbly tear-free wash. The soothing formula works to gently cleanse, without irritating or drying, while you focus on sudsy fun with your baby.Benefits:Sudsy, tear-free cleansing means a happier, healt..
If you wish to dramatically improve skin texture, have soft, refreshed and youthful  skin, then Algimud Seaweed, detoxifying peel-off facial mask is the right choice for you!  This natural exfoliating treatment polishes away dead skin cells to reveal a revitalised complexion. Ideal ..
Great choice for make-up removal.  It gently removes all traces of make-up and leaves face skin clean.  This cleansing wash is a special blend of natural ingredients that gently cleanse the skin, fight bacteria and leaves the skin fresh.  The rich lather penetrates and removes de..
 Would you like to see your hair feeling wonderfully soft and full of bounce?  Would you like to feel your clean scalp again?  If your answer is yes, than you are in the right page!   Dead Sea Magik has a fantastic intensive mud conditioning treatment for those who suff..
This creamy mask contains pure Dead Sea Mud and is created in a gentle formulation to show immediate and remarkable results.   Delicate boosting mask in an instant skin booster that nurtures, brightens and revitalizes the skin.  Gently cleanses and removes impurities, giving the ..
When times are tough and your thoughts are with someone you love even if you can't be there yourself - Show them you are thinking of them by sending a Care Pack from Healthy Living. Some lovely herbal teas, a couple of bars of chocolate and a really nice protection cream make up this thoughtful pack..
The Product: SOMEGA Easy Omega-3 is a family-friendly, liquid omega-3 fish oil supplement. Both children and adults adore its creamy, smoothie-like texture and the “fruity not fishy” natural peach-mango flavour. Sugar-free and high in essential nutrients omega-3s, SOMEGA Eas..
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