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Brand: Better You
DLux3000 is a convenient daily oral vitamin D spray. Scientifically proven to deliver this vital vitamin straight into your bloodstream, with each spray providing 3000IU (75mcg) of bioavailable D3.Vitamin D is crucial for a healthy immune system and strong teeth and bones.This award winning spra..
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Brand: Biocare
Provides Children with a high potency vitamin D3 in a delicious, natural lemon flavoured liquid and is emulsified for optimal absorption. This supplement provides 300iu per daily intake.Benefits:High potency liquid vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 300i.u. per daily intake. Designed especial..
Osteoporosis is a worldwide epidemic. You might not even know you've got it until you fracture a bone. But it doesn't need to happen to you - osteoporosis is treatable and preventable, and this book will show you how. Find out why there aren't any symptoms, how to tell if you've got it, how to avoid..
Brand: Life Plan
These tablets are made using finest quality wild sea kelp, a naturally rich marine source of iodine.  Lifeplan Sea Kelp tablets are made using finest quality wild sea kelp, a naturally rich marine source of iodine.Benefits:Iodine is an essential constituent of thyroid hormones which help co..
Brand: ITL Health
Mag365 Bone Formula Plus Calcium is a premium quality supplement that may help to maintain a healthy level of calcium and magnesium in the body. This supplement provides high quality ionic magnesium citrate in powder form which ensures optimal assimilation and absorption. Calcium is also added a..
Brand: NHP
Special multivitamin and mineral supplement formulated to help maintain strong healthy bones.Benefits: Specific nutrients are important for maintaining good bone health and in Dr Marilyn Glenville's best selling book 'Osteoporosis the silent epidemic' she explains the impact good of nutrition o..
Brand: Optima
 A great combination of a natural source of antioxidants, with glucosamine, chondroitin, optimsm and vitamin C to provide a refreshing way to maintain normal function of cartilage in joints, bone, skin, teeth and blood vessels. It is delicious sour cherry juice.Optimsm(R) is a patente..
Patrick Holford Bone Support
Bone Support is a unique mineral combination with vitamins B6, B12, vitamins D and K, calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc.Benefits: Vitamin D contributes to normal blood calcium levels. Vitamin D maintain normal absorption/utilisation of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin C support collagen for..
Brand: Pharmanord
Healthy joints and cartilage plays important role in our lives, the better their function, the easier it is for us to stay physically active and enjoy the different activities. Having a good joint function helps us be more fit and stay youthful that means better quality of life.Benefi..
Brand: Pharmanord
A complex of three different magnesium salts. Each tablet provides you with 200 mg of pure magnesium. The tablet contains a mixture of organically and inorganically bound magnesium contained in a matrix that causes the tablet to dissolve completely within a few minutes - even in people with a lo..
Brand: Quest
Is a multimineral formula to support your optimal health.  This supplement contains balanced ratio of calcium and magnesium (1:1),which is great support for bone health and muscle function. It contains zinc as well; low zinc levels is associated with lowered immunity, poor skin condition ..
Brand: Quest
Calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D are all essential minerals for developing and maintaining healthy bones. If you are deficient, a supplement could reduce your risk for osteoporosis and fractures. Calcium and magnesium are components of strong bone, and your body needs vitamin D for absorbing and re..
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