Pukka ElderberrySyrup

This concentrated broad-spectrum syrup contains the highest organic grade, sustainably cultivated herbs, carefully selected to bring you andyour family the full potential of nature’s goodness.


  • Elderberry juice, manuka honey 14+, trikatu and thyme, along with the other herbs in this syrup, have long been used to help support seasonal health.

  • Support the respiratory system and seasonal health.

  • 100% organic

  • Organic blend including Ginger and Thyme.

  • Deliciously sweet taste which is 100% natural.

  • Ethically sourced.

  • Suitable for vegetarians.

  • Suitable for all family.

  • No preservatives or flavourings.

  • Wheat free, Gluten free, Dairy free, Added sugar free, Soya free

Pure vegetable source glycerine, elderberry juice concentrated to 6:1, Manuka Honey Active 14+, thyme leaf, aniseed, liquorice root, horseradish root, pippali fruit, black pepper seed, ginger root, peppermint essential oil, alcohol w/v ‹1.2%.

Adults and children aged 12 or over: Take 1 teaspoon (5ml) up to 3 times a day, away from food. Children 2 to 5 years: Take ¼ teaspoon (1.25ml) up to 3 times a day, away from food. Children 6 to 12 years: Take ½ teaspoon (2.5ml) up to 3 times a day, away from food.

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Pukka ElderberrySyrup

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