What is garlic?
Garlic (Allium sativum) is from the Alliaceae family like its close relatives chives, leek, and onions. The edible herb most commonly associated with the name garlic is the bulb of garlic cloves that is found underground, below the leafy, scallion-like growth.

Garlic has many health benefits such as:
It is renowned for Lowering cholesterol, it can help Reduce blood pressure, Balances blood sugar, Kills Fungus, Soothes Bronchitis, Cures Colds, Removes Warts, Boosts Immune System and its also an Organic Pesticide. Some of the best type of garlic on the market is called Kyolic garlic. This garlic has been aged for seven months using a special process, which de-odurises and vastly increases the strenght of the garlic.

How does Garlic work?
Garlic produces a chemical called allicin. This is also the chemical that makes garlic smell.
Some products are made "odourless" by aging the garlic, but this process can also makes the garlic less effective. The exception is an aged “Kyolic” garlic which is potentised and deodorised as part of the aging process.

Garlic vitamins:
There are many Garlic vitamins available on the market. A small selection can be seen below.

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Biocare Eradicidin Forte

A unique combination of garlic, oregano, cinnamon and clove in a time release tablet.  Oregano ..


Quest Kyolic Garlic 1000

 Garlic is traditionally used for its anti-fungal properties, but also has anti-bacterial a..


Quest Kyolic Garlic 1000

Garlic is traditionally used for its anti-fungal properties, but also has anti-bacterial and anti-vi..


Sona Garlic

Garlic appears to have roughly 1% the strength of penicillin against certain types of bacter..


Vogel Hawthorn-Garlic SOLD OUT

Vogel Hawthorn-Garlic

Alfred Vogel prized both Hawthorn and Garlic highly and wrote extensively about both herbs. Gar..