Omega 3

What is Omega 3?

Fish oils (also called Omega 3's) are a family of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids that are essential nutrients for health and development. Unfortunately, these are not synthesized by the human body and therefore must be obtained from diet or supplementation. The only sources of omega 3 are from fish or from a variety of seed oils. Omega 3 from fish is very well absorbed whereas omega 3 from seed oils is not absorbed quite as well. Seed oils do however have the benefit of giving us a wider variety of essential fats. Most seed oils contain omega 3, 6 and 9. However, the typical Irish diet is badly lacking in Omega 3's and this is why we would often recommend supplementing omega 3 in our shop. Isn't it ironic that we are an Island nation and we still lack healthy levels of fish in our diet?
Considering the different types of essential fats contained in fish oils compared to seed oils we often recommend alternating the type of good fats that someone takes in their diet. For example, they you might use Udo’s oil getting a broad base of omega's in your diet and when you next purchase oils you buy a good quality fish oil like Eskimo.

What are the possible benefits of Omega 3?

Some of the possible benefits from taking omega 3 oils may be:  Reduced risk of stroke.  Lower blood triglyceride levels. Lower blood pressure. Decrease inflammation. Reduce your joint stiffness. Lower your cholesterol levels. Reduce the hardening of the arteries. Reduced chances of heart disease. Reduced effects of arthritis. Reduce the potential of getting diabetes. Reduced hyperactivity. Reduced levels of ADHD.

How do Omega 3 oils work?

Omega 3 Fish oils contain certain fatty acids that reduce pain and swelling. These fatty acids also prevent the blood from clotting easily. This might make fish oils helpful for some heart conditions.

Omega 3 for sale

There are many Omega 3 Fish oils and different seed oils available on the market. A small selection can be seen below

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Biocare BioMulsion JointGuard

Is an original combination of fish oil concentrate from anchovies blended with glucosamine hydroch..


Biocare BioMulsion OmegaBerry 2 - 3 Days

Biocare BioMulsion OmegaBerry

Is an emulsified fish oil with yummy tropical fruit & berry concentrates, making it very well ..


Biocare Mega EPA 1000

Mega EPA 1000 is a very strong potency fish oil providing omega-3 fatty acids in a natural triglycer..


Biocare Mega EPA Forte

Mega EPA Forte is great for maintaining normal brain, heart, skin and vision functions.  It is ..


Biocare Mega GLA Complex

GLA is a fatty acid found primarily in vegetable oils. This GLA is sourced from Borage oil.Ben..


Chia & Cranberry Mix

Chia Bia brings together two superfoods where nutraceuticals meets nature in this Cranberry & Ch..


Cleanmarine Krill Oil

CleanMarine Krill Oil is 100% pure and contains Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Essential fatty a..


Eskimo 3 with Vitamin E

A unique fish oil supplement containing a healthy balance of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA a..


Eskimo Advanced

Eskimo-3 Advanced EPA with Vitamin D3 is Eskimos newest supplement! Each capsule contains an impress..


Higher Nature Omega 3 Fish Oil

Higher Nature Fish Oil Omega 3. EPA and DHA are the key omega 3 fatty acids, important for a healthy..


NHP Omega 3 Plus, Heart health

Essential fats ‘oil’ the body by lubricating the joints and skin, as well as being a vital compone..


Optima Lecithin Granules - NON GM

Lecithin is a naturally rich source of phoshatidyl Choline (PC), a nutrient that may help in the ..


Patrick Holford Essential Omegas

Essential Omegas for the maintenance of your normal brain function & vision.Benefits:..


Patrick Holford Optimum Nutrition Pack

This pack contains a potent daily supplementation regime providing optimum amounts of vitamins..


Pharmanord Omega 3 Capsules

Omega 3 is a good for heart, brain, and eyesight support. Benefits:EPA an..


SoMega New


The Product: SOMEGA Easy Omega-3 is a family-friendly, liquid omega-3 fish oil supple..


Terra Nova Omega 3  6  7  9 Oil Blend SOLD OUT

Terra Nova Omega 3 6 7 9 Oil Blend

A varied blend of organic seed oils gives this supplement a huge array of good fats that helps maint..


Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend

Udo's Choice® (Udo's Oil) delivers a balanced 2:1:1 ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 and omega-9 Essentia..


Eskimo 3 with Vitamin E Liquid

Eskimo fish oil is a natural, stable fish oil, which provides a healthy source of omega-3 fatty ac..


Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend

Udo's Choice (Udo's Oil) delivers a balanced 2:1:1 ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 and omega-9 Essential..


Eskimo Brain 369 with Co Q10

Eskimo Brain 3.6.9 is one of the best supplements that combines the unique stable fish oil, Eskimo-..


Eskimo Brain 369 with CoQ10

Every day stress, work stress, exam stress, low immune system are our today's world “companions”. ..


Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend

100% natural & freshUdo's Choice (Udo's Oil) delivers a balanced 2:1:1 ratio of omega-3 to o..


Eskimo Kids Tutti Fruti

Pure natural Omega-3, Omega-6 + Omega-9, Vitamins D & E in Tutti-Frutti taste- simply loved by..


Eskimo Kids Orange

This unique formula combines stable fish oil with omega-3, omega 6, omega-9, vitamin D and vitamin E..