What is Protein?

Often misunderstood as adding weight to your diet, protein is essential for muscle recovery and repair. Whey protein is the best source of protein. It's the highest quality of protein available. Whey protein is a rich source of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) which are easily digested and absorbed. 

What are the benefits of taking protein? 

These are some of the benefits of taking protein:

Protein powders aid in muscle repair and recovery.  A good protein powder is the fastest way to get protein post workout.  Protein is high in branch chain amino acids.  Protein helps increase lean muscle mass.  It’s one of the cheapest ways to get your protein intake every day.  Protein powders are absorbed quickly by the human body.  Whey protein contains high amounts of glutamine.  Whey protein isolate will get the most amount of protein and the least amount of calories.  Protein powder helps increase your metabolism, which can aid in fat loss

Whey protein is a great protein source for vegetarians who may find it hard to get enough protein in their diet.  Taken before training, protein supplements can help prevent muscle wastage.  Whey protein helps athletes maintain a healthy immune system by increasing the levels of glutathione in the body.  Protein supports a healthy immune system.  Protein helps to stabilize blood glucose levels by slowing the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream


How does Protein work?

When we take in the protein we need, our bodies break it down into smaller molecules – those amino acids we mentioned - inside our digestive system with the help of enzymes provided by the pancreas. These smaller molecules then travel via our bloodstream to where they are needed.

Every time you exercise involves your muscles tear a little. Nature decided that the best way to keep muscles in good condition is to cause little ruptures or tears to naturally occur in your muscle fibres.

Your body cleverly recognises the need to repair these ruptures, so calls for the amino acids which build muscle proteins to get your muscles back into shape for the next bout of exercising.

Protein supplements

There are many protein supplements available on the market. A small selection can be seen below.

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