What is Zinc?

This metallic chemical found in abundance around the world. Living organisms rely on zinc as a valuable nutritional trace element; many foods are excellent sources of zinc, including seeds and whole grains.

What are the benefits of taking Zinc?

Zinc is a mineral that is needed to repair wounds, maintain fertility in adults and growth in children, it helps synthesize proteins, helps cells reproduce, preserves vision, boosts the immune system, as well as many other functions.

How does Zinc work?

Zinc is needed to catalyze more than 100 enzyme processes. Zinc is necessary for many bodily functions, see above. Deficiencies cause deleterious health effects, so adequate intake is important. However, zinc intakes above a certain level can be toxic.

Zinc supplements

There are many zinc supplements available on the market. A small selection can be seen below

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Biocare Enteroplex

Enteroplex takes licorice and cabbage extract (cabagin) and mixes them with zinc, magnesium and vita..


Biocare Nutrisorb Zinc Plus Ascorbate

An effective zinc supplement, highly bio available liquid formulationBenefits:Zinc has a number of f..


Biocare OptiZinc

These capsules suitable for individuals with poor digestion and low zinc levels.Benefits: Studi..


Biocare Zinc Citrate

Zinc is really an amazing mineral with health benefits including normal cognitive function, maintena..


NHP Osteo Support

Special multivitamin and mineral supplement formulated to help maintain strong healthy bones. ..


Patrick Holford Immune C

This is a great all round immune booster. Its high potency formula contains vitamin C, black Eld..


Quest Zinc with Copper 15mg

An essential mineral that support immune system, skin health and male fertility. 100% amino acid c..


Terra Nova Zinc 15mg Complex Veg Caps

Zinc complex combined from natural sources.Benefits: Stabilised Rice Bran (SRB) in add..