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Optima "Colax" Colon Cleanse Tablets

This unique combination provides all the recognised properties of fully certified and organic Aloe V..


Optima Acai Super Fruit Juice

“Superfood” enriched with OXY3™.  Açaí berries come from palm trees that are indigenous to the ..


Optima ActiveJuice Cherry Flavour w/Chondroitin/MSM

 A great combination of a natural source of antioxidants, with glucosamine, chondroitin, ..


Optima Aloe Vera Juice Organic

 Product without preservatives, has 100% Natural Organic Aloe Vera Juice derived from a uni..


Optima Glucosamine Joint Complex

Triple action one a day tablets may help maintain joint mobility & flexibility as part of a ..


Optima Lecithin Granules - NON GM

Lecithin is a naturally rich source of phoshatidyl Choline (PC), a nutrient that may help in the ..


Optima Skincare Multi Plus Tablets SOLD OUT

Optima Skincare Multi Plus Tablets

 To provide nutritional support for active teenagers. Benefits: High ..