Tai Chi New
Tai Chi Class at Healthy Living is led by Yuki KobayashiThis Class takes place on Fridays at 10am.&n..

Revive Active Joint Complex New
The key ingredients in Revive Active’s Joint Complex product provide a unique combination of Co..

Revive Active New
Revive Active is a premium product with a powerful formulation of 22 active ingredients that wi..

Lavera Sun Milk SPF 30 high New
To be protected from the ultraviolet radiation (UV) is very important.  Sun damage builds up ..

Revive Active Mastermind New
Revive Active Mastermind - all amazing active ingredients combined in one little and tasty sachet...

MooGoo Full Cream Moisturiser New
ONLY AVAILABLE IN STOREFull Cream Moisturiser is a "creamier" version of the original Udder Cream ..

MooGoo Skin Milk Moisturiser Udder Cream New
This is an original udder cream that started it all. The lightest of MooGoo creams. It easily soak..

MooGoo Irritable Skin Balm New
Great News people! We are so exited to let you know that MooGoo is on our shelves! Just because ..

MooGoo MSM Soothing Cream New
 Made using the moisturizing base of MooGoo Full Cream with the addition 10% MSM (Organic Sulf..

Fertility Support for Women is an essential supplement for fertility vitamins.  It can greatly ..

Fertility Support for Men - a Special multivitamin and mineral formulation. Fertility Plus for Me..

  A super nutritional way to begin your day!  A food supplement powder absolutely burst..

Essential fats ‘oil’ the body by lubricating the joints and skin, as well as being a vital compone..

Mycopryl 680 provides a high strength caprylic acid, which is a short chain fatty acid found in huma..

Cinnachrome combines chromium picolinate and Cinnulin PF, a concentrated extract of cinnamon.&..

Vitamin C 500 provides a bio-available source of vitamin C and magnesium, together with bilberry ext..

For years, we have been drawn to raspberries because of their vibrant colour and sweet, tangy taste...

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There is a better Life

There is a better Life

Kevin 02/08/2016 0
You don’t have to worry about getting out of the right side of the bed anymore. Terranova's Life Drink gives you the perfect nutritional start to the...
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In store cholesterol testing

In store cholesterol testing

Kevin 12/07/2016 0
The dangers of high cholesterol and the implications of it on our cardiovascular system are well documented. High cholesterol has long been identifi...
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Healthy Living wins award

Healthy Living wins award

Kevin 28/06/2016 0
Press release For immediate release 27 June 2016   Healthy Living wins share of €125,000 OPTIMISE Fund to boost their web presence   Healthy L...
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Louise Thorne Sports Massage

Louise Thorne Sports Massage

Kevin 05/05/2016 0
Louise is Sports massage therapist and a mother of three wonderful children.   Louise studied for a year in institute of beauty and holistic therapi...
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A painful step forward

A painful step forward

Kevin 24/02/2016 0
  Unsightly swelling, sharp stabbing darts and you’ll probably have a limp too.  Gout is a very painful form of the arthritis. The pain involved w...
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Vitalise is a powerful nutritional formula of 30 organic ingredients to help maintain energy leve..

  A super nutritional way to begin your day!  A food supplement powder absolutely burst..

Eleutherococcus is native to Eastern Asia and particularly Siberia. The root of this herb is an exa..

We love the Terra Nova range because their ingredients are both scientifically proven but also for..

Vitalise is a powerful multivitamin which contains 30 organic ingredients to help maintain energy ..

We have 20 years of knowledge in the area of hair growth and strengthening. Can you believe that u..

Fertility Support for Men - a Special multivitamin and mineral formulation. Fertility Plus for Me..

A unique fish oil supplement containing a healthy balance of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA a..

Do you know that the most common cause for men to start losing their hair is genetic - Male Patter..

All in one! A bunch of vitamins, minerals, omegas and more goodies for beautiful and healthy skin,..