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Latest Blog Posts

27 Apr Dr. Hauschka's Best Product
Laura 0 286
The Rose Day Cream is both soothing and gentle, just like the roses it's made from. It nourishes and protects normal, dry and sensitive skin. We stock many brands of skincare at Healthy Living, Hausch..
22 Apr It's All In The Mind
Kevin 1 265
You know the type! Those people who jump out of the bed in the morning, full of energy taking on another task filled day. There always going on about how much they got done and what their plans for th..
08 Apr 3 Reasons We Should All Take Vitamin D
Kevin 0 183
Vitamin D is something we have been recommending since March 2020 – I would say most of our customers are taking vitamin D. Very interestingly, there are many references advising us to supplement with..