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Irritable bowel is a common condition two can cause stomach cramps, diarrhoea, bloating and constipation but there is a new probiotic available help with all these elements.

IBS is said to effect 20% of people at some point in their life and while there are a lot of remedies available for IBS, did you know a probiotic supplement has been proven in scientific trials to target and alleviate the signs IBS?  This  probiotic is called Alflorex and is believed to be an effective solution.

Alflorex has 15 years of Clinical research and 75 leading scientific publications and contains a probiotic strain that specifically targets the symptoms of IBS.

The strain called "B.infantis 35624" one of the few strains tested in high quality clinical studies to help with the symptoms of IBS. This research has been published in the American journal of gastroenterology.

Alflorex is suitable for those on a low FODMAP diet. No refrigeration is needed.

Alflorex is the most recommended live culture by US Gastroenterologists, winner of awards from Pharmacists in Ireland and is now available in the UK and Ireland.  

Probiotics are said to treat a range of health conditions from depression and asthma to IBS and eczema.

Even the NHS have an article discussing the benefits of Probiotics. In it, they state that probiotics are useful for those with food intolerances as well as those with a weak immune system.

This means if you are tired or stressed out often you could benefit from Probiotics, however women that are in the menstrual process or pregnant should avoid taking probiotics without first consulting their GP.

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