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The Product:

SOMEGA Easy Omega-3 is a family-friendly, liquid omega-3 fish oil supplement. Both children and adults adore its creamy, smoothie-like texture and the “fruity not fishy” natural peach-mango flavour. Sugar-free and high in essential nutrients omega-3s, SOMEGA Easy Omega-3 supports brain, heart and eye health. It can be enjoyed straight from the spoon, added to smoothies and yogurt, drizzled on pancakes and porridge and even used as an ingredient to make delicious and nutritious Energy Bites.

The Company:

SOMEGA is a West Cork food supplement business, recently founded by Dr. Paula Gaynor and Mark Clifford. Paula and Mark are qualified nutritionists/food scientists committed to providing highest quality food supplements that are natural, safe and effective. They’re passionate about making good nutrition easy – leading to healthier, happier lives for both kids and adults.

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